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About Us
Hagan Capital Group (HCG Companies) is owned by senior partners and backed by the founding family office. We continue to enjoy a reputation of noted innovation - partnering with the best - and creating relationships that provide unparalleled access, while operating with the utmost discretion. 


Originally formed as a single family office - the firm gained notoriety as an SFO financed investment banking vehicle and private equity firm active in buyouts and trading and portfolio company management. In 2018 HCG began to externalize private finance and management methods and products for the market, to provide capital, M&A and management consulting for small to medium sized enterprises; in 2020 HCG joined Eaton Square, a cross-border M&A and capital service provider with professionals across the US, Canada, China & Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Switzerland, Singapore and Israel. Today the family office today is housed in the extended Hagan organization and the mandate is to preserve capital, oversee legacy and new investment operations and to continue to develop philanthropic interests within the foundation programs.

Foundation Programs

Hagan Capital Group has a long standing affiliation with Hagan Family Foundation and the "Hagan Arts", which is a joint venture co-managed and funded by Hagan Capital, the Robert W. Hagan family and Nummus Acquisitions; cultural partners and specialist art partners like Hayashi Insurance, Hagan Arts internal talents and art history and curation firm Kingsland Fine Arts. Institutional partners include Magnum Photos, the High Museum of Art, the V&A Museum, the Millennium Gate Museum, the Georgia Symphony Orchestra and Getty Images.

In addition, Hagan Family Foundation (US & UK) funds and arranges funding for wildlife and habit trust foundation partners, covering natural assets such as rivers, forests, grasslands, wetlands and solutions such as water purification, air quality improvements, flood protection and rewilding. ​ HFF's natural history brand, HFF Nature, strives to produce and distribute content to create meaningful awareness of flora, fauna, natural habitats and wild places.