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Corporate Finance

Capital & Lending

From $2M to $200M; £5M to £200M, HCG offers the entire capital spectrum of syndicate equity and debt, direct equity and debt, lending and capital markets. For deals and arrangement which requires unqualified investor sales and solicitation HCG has a deep bench of talented and licensed FINRA, SEC, FCA and Australian Financial Services partners. 

Real Estate Fund Syndication

The JOBS Act (The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act) was signed into law on April 5, 2012. With the passing of the JOBS Act the US market began a deregulation process which allowed easy access to real estate syndication. A way for investors to pool financial and intellectual resources together, HCG acts as an independent investment sponsor and a financial arranger of funds for syndicate management or or co-management.

Mergers & Acquisitions

HCG has over two decades of private market M&A enterprise and asset sales, divestitures and business sales. Targeting enterprises with $5M to $300M; £2M to £100M in revenue and aggregate sales, HCG is part of Eaton Square, a cross-border M&A and capital services firm, with 21 offices across the world, extending our international and domestic capabilities. ​


Divestitures Executives are often concerned that divestitures will look like an admission of failure, make their company smaller, and reduce its stock market value. Yet the research shows that, on the contrary, the stock market consistently reacts positively to divestiture announcements. The divested business units also benefit. Research has shown that the profit margins of spun-off businesses tend to increase by one-third during the three years after the transactions are complete. From our direct divestiture experience, in-house divesting and targeting divesting saves a minimum of 7-10% of the asset price. 

Project Analysis + Downside Risk Analysis
Reviewing the financial attractiveness of project proposals is a common task for senior executives. The sophisticated tools used to support them—discounted cash flows, scenario analyses—often lull top management into a false sense of security. Actively considering downside risks to future cash flows for both is a crucial subtlety of project analysis—and one that often isn’t undertak

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