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Nature, agriculture and environmentalism has long been a focus of the firm and we take our environmental interests as serious as we take any business. In the early days the environmental practice was very small, we focused on exploration in far flung areas. Now it is much different and our focus is direct: centered on the development of global green education initiatives, carbon capture, emissions markets, ecological conservation and environmental protections, HCGE applies talents, patient capital and traditional business resources to develop equitable solutions for the long-term. 

Inside the firm there is a strong focus on reintroducing native wildlife; urban integration of flora fauna; protection of waterways; promotion of agroforestry farming systems (silvopasture, forest farming, riparian zones) and the protection of native habitats. There is an additional interest in emissions trading and cap and trade. 

Emissions & Cap and Trade
Cap-and-Trade (C&T) programs have become increasingly important in the control and regulation of regional and global air pollutants. In contrast to traditional air pollution regulations, C&T programs require subject facilities to comply with a facility emissions cap that declines on an annual basis, while providing the flexibility to buy and sell excess emission reductions (referred as allowances or credits). Since the 1990 Clean Air Amendments, C&T programs have been used to regulate regional air pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), oxides of nitrogen (NOx), and oxides of sulfur (SOx). In recent years, C&T programs are being used as the primary regulatory vehicle for controlling greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions within the U.S. and internationally. Where applicable, C&T programs can impact many different types of air pollution sources and industrial sectors, including heavy industry, manufacturing, power, transportation fuels, and utilities. 

HCGE is led by staff with decades of experience in environmental matters and a devoted interest to natural history and protecting global natural resources. We work with partners to disburse proceeds from project profits to further support credit programs, environmental initiatives and environmental impact investments, supporting ecological systems worldwide, aiming to keep our environmental business line purely focused on supporting wildlife and nature indefinitely. HCG Environmental Trading Ltd. is limited by guarantee, otherwise known as a not-for-profit company.


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