The Family Office

The family office today is housed in Hagan Acquisitions Limited, which is a UK based private office. The mandate is to preserve capital and to continue to develop the foundation.

Hagan Arts Management works on behalf of the public arts program of the Hagan Family Foundation, in a joint venture co-managed and funded by HCG, the foundation, funds and specialist art partners like Hayashi Insurance and art history and curation firm Kingsland Fine Arts.

Hagan also funds and arranges funding for wildlife and habit trust foundation partners, covering natural assets such as rivers, forests, grasslands and wetlands and solutions such as water purification, air quality improvements, flood protection.

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Headquarters: Hagan Center 

995 Canton Street

Roswell, Georgia 30075

(C) 2020, Hagan Capital Group Holding Limited (USA) and HCG Environmental Finance Limited, Registered in England. No. 12336093