HCG Environmental

HCG Environmental Trading Ltd is focused on participation as a producer, distributor and administer of credits, offsets and cap and trade schemes through approved and regulated vehicles. The environmental practice is registered in the US and UK. There is a strong focus on urban integration, waterways and promotion of agroforestry farming systems (silvopasture, forest farming, riparian zones) and native habitats.   

HCG Environmental is limited by guarantee, otherwise known as a not-for-profit company, and we work with partners to disburse proceeds from profits to further support credit programs, environmental initiatives and environmental impact investments. 

HCG Environmental Trading Ltd (London, England)
Companies House Number: 12336093

Environmental Finance
Voluntary Emission eductions (VERs)
Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)
Emissions Trading (Global)

Carbon Neutral Credits
Carbon Neutral Advisory 
Wetlands Mitigation

Carbon and Emissions Markets
UK Carbon and Emissions Trading
European Union Emissions Trading System

(Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation). Formed by a consortium, and further developed in the Kyoto Protocol, REDD programs are a way of curbing CO2 emissions through paying for actions that prevent forest loss or degradation. These transfer mechanisms can include carbon trading, or paying for forest management. HCG Environmental has international experience implementing, designing and managing sustainable and continuous management for environmental and community oriented projects. The Rotary Foundation "Global Grants" program mandates sustainability in design and operation and the inner workings of these projects must be adapted by local leadership through partnership or training. 

Impact + ESG Project Finance
Low-Rate Lending (Project Finance Impact / ESG) 

Government + NGO Funding and Co-funding

Charitable Giving for Environmental Causes
HCG Environmental and the Hagan Family Foundation have established Green Trustees and The Green Trustees Charitable Trust. Announcements will be posted here.

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