Hagan Capital Group | HCG


Originally formed as Hagan Capital Group - the single family office - the firm gained notoriety as an SFO financed investment banking and private equity firm active in buyouts and trading. Throughout the years Hagan Capital Group has chartered a storied and venerable path, pioneering new strategies and reintroducing old practices in high finance.


Today HCG has a primary mandate to manage private equity investment and wholesale investments. We continue to enjoy a reputation of noted innovation - partnering with the best - and creating relationships that provide unparalleled access, while operating with the utmost discretion. The HCG focus in no longer only on finance and IRR, the group has pivoted to best plan for the next thirty years and now encompassas a wide array of management speciality alongside our noted financial acumen.

Business Relationships

Hagan Capital and our portfolio companies work with talented executives, families and creatives who are well known in their fields; from leading decision makers and household names to leading institutions and entities who serve as foundations and pillars of their respective expertise. All of Hagan Capitals business relationships and investment decisions follow multi-year research and due diligence endeavors.

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