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HCG has over two decades of private market M&A enterprise and acquisition finance,  divestitures and business sales. Targeting enterprises with $5M to $300M; £2M to £100M in revenue and aggregate sales, HCG is part of Eaton Square, a cross-border M&A and capital services firm, with 21 offices across the world, extending our international and domestic capabilities.


We've handled dozens of M&A transactions from origination to close and have an expertise in third part post-merger integration. PMI focused on goals and value, in addition to planning divestitures, spin-offs and recaps. Ultimately empowering business decisions while executing defined strategies long-term efficiency, commercial viability and visibility.


Executives are often concerned that divestitures will look like an admission of failure, make their company smaller, and reduce its stock market value. Yet the research shows that, on the contrary, the stock market consistently reacts positively to divestiture announcements. The divested business units also benefit.