Our Philosophies inside SRI; ESG; Impact

We believe in long-term strategies. SRI; ESG; Impact are the new foundations of global citizenship and because of that it is now a part of finance and management. There has been a profound increase in meaningful management and ethical trading and we expect this to take force and become the basis for modern finance, investment, business and management. HCG sponsors research and development that supports SRI; ESG and Impact and we utilize triple bottom line (TBL) accounting in every circumstance. 

Buddhist Economics & Sustainability Economics:
HCG is engaged in further development of North American and Northern European sustainability economics and related spectrums which engage philosophical and humanistic practices, and how best they can be incorporated into the modern economy - from aspects such as clean energy and renewables to modern citizenship and integration. We believe in these philosophies and feel as if they can be factored in successfully to enterprise and management. 

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