History: Hagan Capital Group (HCG) 

Originally formed as Hagan Capital Group - the single family office - the firm gained notoriety as an SFO financed investment bank and private equity firm active in buyouts and trading. Throughout the years Hagan Capital Group has chartered a storied and venerable path, pioneering new strategies and reintroducing old practices in high finance. We continue to enjoy a reputation of noted innovation - partnering with the best - and creating relationships that provide unparalleled access, while operating with the utmost discretion.

This branch of the family trace their merchant and investment banking roots to the American Atlantic coast, the southeastern United States and the financial markets of Manhattan and London, England; beginning with a legacy of immigration to America from Europe, the most revered being Dutch born American Wilhelmus Hendrickse Beekman, a director of the Dutch West India Company; later the deputy mayor of New York City, and the Governor of Delaware and Pennsylvania. 

HCG is led by Chad Hagan, who is also an economic analyst and author. His forthcoming book on "Global Family Offices" will be published by Palgrave MacMillan 2020. 

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