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Fund Strategy

Hagan Capital Fund Management, a private fund advisor, collaborates with fund managers to craft and implement industry-leading debt and equity investment strategies within the U.S. private equity and private credit markets. Our comprehensive approach ensures that investment methodologies not only align with the highest industry standards but also meet stringent regulatory requirements and cater to the specific objectives of the funds we manage and advise, in compliance with SEC regulations.

Hagan Capital also serves as sub-adviser;  engaged by investment advisers and funds to assist in identifying, evaluating, and managing investments, as a non-discretionary manager. This collaborative effort focuses on our deep experience in large - small cap public equities, investment-grade debt and private markets within the equity and credit spectrum.

Investment industry specialties center on private credit and private equity, real estate, industrial assets, utilities, entertainment, intellectual property, manufacturing, corporate services, and financial services. For those seeking international exposure, we have decades of experience in the G7 arena, most notably in the United Kingdom.

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Capital Advisory

We specialize in designing and implementing customized strategies for exempt offerings tailored to fund managers and their clients, focusing on both debt and equity vehicles. Our clientele includes accredited investors, qualified institutional buyers, family offices, and investment companies. We provide comprehensive capital raising solutions that address the unique needs of each client. This encompasses identifying optimal funding sources, structuring investment terms, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Our expertise in capital raising empowers clients to secure the necessary financial resources to achieve their investment objectives and sustain long-term growth.

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Fund Distribution

Our distribution services bridge the gap between leading fund managers and professional investors, fostering long-term financial relationships and delivering best-in-class fund marketing. We leverage our extensive network and deep industry insights to ensure that fund managers can effectively reach and engage with a diverse pool of accredited investors, qualified institutional buyers, family offices, and investment companies.

Our services include comprehensive marketing campaigns, targeted outreach, and personalized investor engagement, all designed to build trust and facilitate meaningful connections between fund managers and investors.

One of the significant advantages we provide is the ability to utilize general solicitation and advertising to reach a broader audience of potential investors. This expanded outreach is balanced with our diligent verification to ensure all investors meet accredited status, maintaining the high standards expected by our clients.

Through our commitment to excellence in fund marketing, we help our clients achieve their capital raising goals and support the growth and success of their investment strategies. By connecting fund managers with the right investors, we create a foundation for enduring financial partnerships that drive long-term value and mutual success.

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